About Us

Spirit of Soft LLC is a team of high level developers located in Armenia. Our specialty is combining advanced technology with vision and innovation to produce quality products and cost-effective solutions with the goal of bringing benefits to the client’s business. Spirit of Soft has been in the software development industry for nearly 18 years and develops high-impact B2B, G2B applications. Our mission is to lift your company’s management near to today’s high technology.

We are proud of the rapid growth of our roster of prestigious clients. Our team has delivered a wide range of solutions to many corporate clients around the world. Our highly professional and innovative services are always custom tailored to each client’s specific needs. The result, we are pleased to say, is always complete satisfaction.

Our aim is for win-win arrangements with the customer and a lasting business relationship based on open lines of communication, honesty and integrity.

Spirit of Soft creates top-quality custom software, designed specifically for you. We have created dozen of software systems, ranging from business applications to hardware-specific systems programming. We are consistently successful in managing software projects from initial requirements through to a fully tested, documented, commercial-grade product.

If you have questions or comments about our solutions, we’d like to hear from you, contact us.

We develop systems for companies across the world, both for their internal use and retail sale. We apply the most advanced programming techniques to the latest technologies. We also have the experience and skill to innovate beyond limitations in these technologies to create real solutions.

Take advantage of the ever-growing global economy to get the edge for your business by taking advantage of our business model. As the majority of our highly skilled technical personnel are in Armenia our costs are much lower. We pass these cost savings on to our clients. We offer very competitive hourly rates, fixed bids, and shared risk pricing. We prefer fixed bids over hourly rates, and our excellent designers can work with you to develop complete and cost-effective software solutions. We are also willing to develop systems at cost if future revenues from the system are shared.

We would love to talk to you about your project. Please contact us if you are interested in timely quality software development. For examples of some of our work, read about our Unique Expertise.

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