• Fully Automated Scheduling System (FASS) – based on universal polynomial time complexity
    algorithm used to solve the Time Table problem for any instances. 
  • Prototypes of solutions of the well known hardest problems in mathematics and computer science such as Traveling salesman problem, Automated project planning, 3SAT etc.
  • Web.Clinica EMR system – based on Java Server Pages, Servlets on Tomcat application server.
  • Web.Hospital EHR system – Is designed to represent data that accurately captures the state of the patient at all times. It allows for an entire patient history to be viewed without the need to track down the patient’s previous medical record volume and assists in ensuring data is accurate, appropriate and legible and to make it much more effective when extracting medical data for the examination of possible trends and long term changes in the patient (Groovy-Grails + Activiti)
  • Cargo.Transportation Management System – based on Java Server Pages, Servlets on Tomcat application server.
  • GUI applications using of the Java technologies and Database integration of Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL,MariaDB etc..
  • Business Process Management systems based on jBPM and Activiti implementations with possibility execution of business processes described in BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation).
  • Reporting systems – based on JasperReports library the most popular open source reporting engine.